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For nearly 80 years, the Automotive Service Councils of California have made it their mission to improve the automotive experience for business owners, industry employees, and customers. We at Arcadia Ultimate Automotive, Inc are proud to be associated with the ASCCA. As the largest independent organization of its kind, the ASCCA is involved in all levels of the automotive industry, including education, mechanic shops, body shops, and parts suppliers.

Customers rely on ASCCA members, since the organization’s strict code of ethics and conduct ensure that all its members adhere to policies regarding labor, prices, transparency, customer service, and quality parts and repair. At Arcadia Ultimate Automotive, Inc in Arcadia, CA, we are proud members of ASCCA; our membership is just one more way that you, the customer, can be confident that you’ll always receive great service, quality parts, and top notch maintenance and repair when you choose us. No matter what your car, truck, or SUV needs, from an oil change to an engine rebuild, our expert mechanics have your back. For all of your maintenance and repair needs, choose Arcadia Ultimate Automotive, Inc. We’ve got you covered.


ASCCA members strive to provide quality automotive service to their customers. Look for the ASCCA logo sign to determine if your shop is an ASCCA member.

ASCCA Code of Ethics:

  • To promote goodwill between the motorist and the automotive industry
  • To have a sense of personal obligation to each individual customer
  • To perform high quality services at a fair and just price
  • To employ the best skilled personnel obtainable
  • To use only proven merchandise of high quality, distributed by reputable firms
  • To itemize all parts and adjustments in the price charged for services rendered
  • To retain all parts replaced for customer inspection, if so requested
  • To uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the automotive industry
  • To uphold the integrity of all members
  • To refrain from an advertisement, which is false or misleading or likely to confuse or deceive the customer

ASCCA is the largest independent garage owners' association in California. The core purpose of ASCCA is to elevate and unite automotive professionals and give them a voice in a way that promotes integrity, compassion, individuality and continuous self-improvement.

ASSCA 1940ASCCA Members are:

  • Held to the highest standard
  • Part of a green industry that recycles over 95% of vehicle material
  • Always have consumer safety in mind
  • Involved in and support their local communities

In addition:

  • ASCCA has an active Legislative Action Committee dedicated to fair business and consumer protection
  • ASCCA supports full vehicle information access so that consumers can be assured that an ASCCA shop has the most current service and repair information for their cars
  • ASCCA supports ASE Voluntary Technician Certification


  • ASE
  • Motorcraft Parts
  • Towing
  • Valvoline


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